Panel Information

Questionnaireindia has Global Panel. We have more than 2.7 Million Panellist in our Panel from allover the world. Every week join new and fresh respondents to our panellist. We have large number of B2B and Consumer panellist. Our clients field any region through our proprietary and profiled panel community. We have Mom Panel, Teen Panel, Healthcare Panel, Smokers and Drinkers Panel. Trust on our experience we provide you best solution for your needs.

  • APACPanel

    We have 1.508 Million respondents are available in our APAC Region.

  • USAPanel

    We have 0.509 Million Respondents in our US Panel. Collect best data through out proprietary Panel.

  • EMEAPanel

    We have 1.94 Million people in our UK Panel. Including Middle East and Africa respondents are available.