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Questionnaireindia provide project management with single point of contact for each project and an entire team working to fulfill your requirements. Questionnaireindia provide online study solution world wide. We provide you Quantitative and Qualitative Business Research. We have highly qualified and profiled panellists in our global panel. Our firm provides the highest-quality, highest-security web surveys available on the Internet. We provide 24X7 hours support system to our client. Questionnaireindia is in the business of data, and our datasets are about the closest thing you'll find to a crystal ball. Not only will you have your results more quickly, but you'll be able to trust the datasets you receive due to patent-pending technology that reduces bias and stabilizes measurements over time. Accurate, repeatable and reliable.

  • Dedicated Project Managers

    Our project managers, assigned to your survey from inception through completion, have full service market research backgrounds and understand how to avoid the common problems that cause missed deadlines and budget over-runs.

  • Best of Breed Technologies

    Starting with our Glass view technology, and continuing with our early adoption of digital fingerprinting, you can count on us to drive further efficiencies and higher quality online sample.

  • Global Support

    Our global support staff operates around the clock. In fact, there is never a time when your project and particular needs are unattended or when we can’t be reached. We manage campaigns and each individual quota through the night so that you can rest easy when your day ends.

  • Services

  • Online Data Collection

    We are providing easier way to collect Online Data Collection across the world.

  • Face to Face Interview

    Questionnaireindia has an extensive infrastructure for conducting F2F interviews. We have a pool of expert F2F interviewers associated with us ensuring highest quality of data located in all the major regional and business hubs across India.

  • Online Focus Group

    Live video transmission, analysis and archive solutions for the qualitative market research industry.

  • CATI Center

    Our in-house telephone unit includes dedicated CATI-stations (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) that pass on numerous benefits to the client.We are global b2b and consumer telephone sample provider in Asia and can also provide you a one stop shop for all your qualitative and quantitative research insights! We have over 40 million verified telephone sample records in the Asian region and over 125 million business and consumer telephone records globally.

  • Mystery Shoppers

    Questionnaireindia Market Research has Experienced Mystery Shopper.

  • Mobile Survey

    Get real-time feedback at conferences or events

    Track how people use your product throughout the day

    Collect first impressions when customers walk into your store

  • Healthcare Research

    Our team can undertake projects throughout the entire fieldwork stage: from questionnaire translation to moderation and reporting for a qualitative or ethnographic study. Or we can simply recruit respondents for your studies.

  • Data Sampling

    Ampling Methods:

    Purposive Sampling

    Random Sampling

    Multi-Stage Sampling

    Stratified Sampling

    Quota Sampling

    Cluster Sampling

    Survey Types